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Eyewear and Ear Protection

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Evolution Chameleon - Single Lens Eyewear - (8 colours available)
The Chameleon glasses are single-lens, slightly narrower framed glasses which comply with EN166 (Impact resistance) specifically for shooting.
Evolution Multi-Purpose Screen and Lens Cleaner
For the effective removal of finger prints, traffic film, dust, dirt, grime and smudges. Long lasting 15ml spray bottle that includes a free synthetic chamois cleaning cloth.
Evolution Quest Multi-Lens Eyewear
The Evolution Quest is eye protection that have a slightly smaller frame to fit ladies better. 4 interchangeable lenses: rose, grey, yellow and clear.
Evolution Switch Multi-Lens Eyewear
4 Lens Interchangeable Set supplied with Grey, Purple, Yellow & Orange lenses. These glasses are really popular with ladies as they have a smaller frame size, so fit a slightly narrower face.
Napier Comfy Ear Plugs
These are one pair of foam ear plugs in tube with chain. They are really comfortable ear protectors and are shaped from closed cell foam that is hygienic and more efficient than conventional material.
Napier Pro 10 Hearing Protection
With unrivalled comfort and high performance the Max 3 use`s the same technology as the hugely successful Pro 9. The Max 3 was designed with Full bore rifle, and range shooters in mind.
Napier Pro 9 / Pro 10 Case
A light and practical case for the Pro series hearing protectors which can be attached to your belt. Suitable for Pro 9 and Pro 10. Protects the hearing defenders whilst in your range bag or pocket too.
Napier Pro 9 Hearing Protection
Pro 9 noise cancelling hearing protection - patented breakthrough effective noise cancelling technology without batteries, electronics, valves, or any moving parts.
Evolution Antifog Solution and Cleaning Cloth
Long lasting, highly effective anti-fog solution prevents fogging / misting on all types of sunglasses / eyewear: spectacles, ski & swimming goggles. Also works on visors, binoculars, scopes & cameras.