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Napier of London

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Napier 750/100ml Adaptor for Gun Cleaner Lube
This adaptor is designed to allow you to refill 125ml cans from a 750ml economy can. The 125ml are easily carried in a range bag, so can be topped up using this adaptor.
Napier Basic Gun Cleaning Kit
This is a basic gun cleaning kit that is really handy for travelling or as a starter kit.
Napier Brass Jag
A quality split brass jag to fit all standard UK rods. Brass tools are strong and traditional for use on sporting guns, the soft metal will not damage steel barrels and will last a lifetime.
Napier Cable Lock
Napier Security Cord Lock is 264cm (104") long and is supplied with two high security keys.
Napier Comfy Ear Plugs
These are one pair of foam ear plugs in tube with chain. They are really comfortable ear protectors and are shaped from closed cell foam that is hygienic and more efficient than conventional material.
Napier EZip (stops zips from sticking)
A really effective answer to sticky zips on shooting luggage, slips, holdalls, clothing and of course the dreaded welly boots.
Napier Gun Cleaner Lubricant Aerosol
Aerosol gun cleaner from Napier - available in 750ml economy canister and 125ml travel canister sizes.
Napier Gun Oil
Napier Gun oil contains VP90 corrosion inhibitors for contact and vapour phase action. This oil has the ability to penetrate into even the most inaccessible parts of the gun to provide complete protection from corrosion.
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Napier Leather Shield
Napier's leather shield is designed to be applied to any type of leather, and is a special blend of waxes and oils, and additives. It is immediately be absorbed into the leather, providing a combined effect of preservation, softening and waterproofing.
Napier Mega Mop - 12/20g
The Mega Mop is the quick and easy way to polish and oil the barrels of any shotgun.
Napier Nylon Jag 12/20g
Nylon Economy Jag - one size is suitable for all shotguns for 12g and 20g.
Napier Phosphor Bronze Brush
A superior bristle construction spiral wound brush, ideal for all applications, great for pull through kits, economical and effective.
Napier Pro 10 Hearing Protection
With unrivalled comfort and high performance the Max 3 use`s the same technology as the hugely successful Pro 9. The Max 3 was designed with Full bore rifle, and range shooters in mind.
Napier Pro 9 / Pro 10 Case
A light and practical case for the Pro series hearing protectors which can be attached to your belt. Suitable for Pro 9 and Pro 10. Protects the hearing defenders whilst in your range bag or pocket too.
Napier Pro 9 Hearing Protection
Pro 9 noise cancelling hearing protection - patented breakthrough effective noise cancelling technology without batteries, electronics, valves, or any moving parts.
Napier Protector 1 Shotgun Slip
Protector 1 waterproof shotgun slip with sling and handles - an affordable solution for carrying and protecting your gun to answer the needs of both the clay and game shooter.
Napier Range Bag
Tough and waterproof, this bag is seriously practical luggage for the shooter.
Napier Razorback Cartridge Bag
Tough where it counts, the Razorback cartridge bag will hold 120 shotgun shells, strong and practical, scuff panels protect the base and it is waterproof. Extra wide non slip shoulder strap.
Napier Razorback Range Bag
Our traditional Range bag, now twice as strong and trimmed with rugged Armourflex panels.
Napier Razorback Shotgun Carrier (Slip)
The worlds most advanced Shotgun Carriers. All Razorback models are supplied with a 5 Year Free Replacement Warranty. Designed for the clay shooter By Napier of London.
Napier Roller Gun Carrier
The Roller has been designed to roll so small it can be carried easily, but is there to protect your gun, allowing you to carry it easily when on walked-up game days and to ensure that it is covered when out in public.
Napier Shotgun Cleaning Kit - 3 Piece Rod
Supplied as a 3 piece rod with everything you will ever need to clean any shotgun.
Napier Shotgun Rod - 2 Piece Alloy
Alloy two piece rod set, made from polished and coated aluminum - ideal for 12 and 20 Gauge shotguns. These rods are compatible with all Napier tools.
Napier Stock Shield
Stock Shield use means that any blemish caused by rain spots will disappear and the gun will be properly protected and ready for its next outing.
Napier Super VP90 Corrosion Inhibitor
This is used by over 1000,000 shooters worldwide to protect guns and other metal objects, either in a gun safe, bag or locker. Super VP90 will seek out and protect exposed metal surfaces as it forms a barrier impervious to attack from moisture and other corrosive elements.
Napier Superclean Dispenser Carton
Our original non woven smooth bore gun cleaning material with a textured construction to ensure the swift removal of fouling and excess solvents from shotguns.
Napier Trigger Lock
The safe, effective and simple way to prevent unauthorised use of your gun. The trigger lock fits into the trigger, of your shotgun, which is then only accessible by unlocking it by key.
Napier Universal Cleaning Mat
Great for use in the home to protect surfaces from scratches and chemicals. This has a non-slip neoprene base and a chemical/oil resistant synthetic suede work surface.
Napier VP90 Gun Grease
Supplied in a new easy to dispense plastic tube with large non-slip cap, this white grease is highly water resistant (to DIN 51807) and contains VP90 corrosion inhibitors.
Napier Wellington Boot Carrier Totem
The ideal way of handling wellington boots. Great for storage and to keep your dirty boots away from other kit in your car.
Napier Wooden Boxed Cleaning Kit - 12g
Wooden-boxed gun cleaning kit - 12g
Napier Wool Mop
Lint-resistant mop for the final polishing and oiling of shotgun barrels.